Information for prospective tenants

If you're visiting this page, you're probably considering signing up to rent an Appletree property- that's exciting!

Renting a house - particularly for the first time - can be a bit daunting, so the information below will help answer any questions you have.

If you need any further assistance, give Hannah a call on 07815 201777 or email


Rental process

There's a number of steps to take between viewing a house and moving in - this document will take you through all the steps in order.

The rental process: From viewing to moving in

Sample tenancy agreement (AST)

This is a sample tenancy agreement, similar to the one you'll be asked to sign when agreeing to rent a house. A single agreement is singed by all four tenants and the landlord (us).

If you have any questions about this document, get in touch - or for a second opinion, consider using the Student's Union tenancy checking service.

Sample tenancy agreement (AST) 2022-23

Sample guarantor's agreement

Each tenant will need to choose a guarantor who will undertake to pay the rent for your room if for any reason the tenant fails to pay.

We use an online service to credit check your guarantor, so they’ll need access to a computer and an internet connection. To make it more likely your guarantor passes the credit check, try to choose a UK home owner with no adverse credit history or County Court Judgements (CCJs).

Your proposed guarantor will receive a Guarantor’s Agreement to sign, along with a copy of the tenancy agreement, so they know what they are agreeing to guarantee.

Sample guarantor's agreement 2022-23

Bills inclusive tenancies - further details

We offer bills-inclusive tenancies, where a set proportion of your rent is set aside to pay the bills, typically around £11/week (check in your tenancy agreement to be sure). We would normally expect this figure to cover the bills in your house – it’s calculated based on average energy, water and data prices and usage.

However, if we have a particularly cold winter (or the price of gas increases sharply) the cost of the bills may exceed the contributions you make, and we could ask you to cover the extra. This document explains how we deal with this.

Bills inclusive tenancies - further details

Bank details

During the process of siging up for a house, you'll need to send us retainers, deposits and (eventually) rent payments. Here's the bank details you'll need.

Note: Account details vary depending on which house you're moving into - select from the table below.

House 20 Windsor Avenue & 32 Arrowsmith Avenue 9 Graham Road & 9 Comer Road
Sort code 55-81-36 55-81-36
Account number 78045258 90123557
IBAN GB49 NWBK 5581 3678 0452 58 GB73 NWBK 5581 3690 1235 57
Account name H L Brazier H L Brazier
Payment reference Your surname and the house name Your surname and the house name